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Scrap Plastic Recycling

Other Plastics Recycling

PolyCarbonate Colored Scrap

PolyCarbonate Colored Regrind

Polycarbonate Colored Repro

PolyCarbonate Clear Scrap

PolyCarbonate Clear Regrind

PolyCarbonate Clear Repro

PCFR Scrap

PCFR Regrind

PCFR Repro

Other PolyCarbonates

ABS Scrap

ABS Colored Regrind

ABS Colored Repro

ABS Clear Scrap

ABS Clear Regrind

ABS Clear Repro


ABSFR Regrind


Other ABS

Acrylic Colored Scrap

Acrylic Colored Regrind

Acrylic Colored Repro

Acrylic Clear Scrap

Acrylic Clear Regrind

Acrylic Clear Repro

Other Acrylic

Acetal Colored Scrap

Acetal Colored Regrind

Acetal Colored Repro

Acetal Clear Scrap

Acetal Clear Regrind

Acetal Clear Repro

Other Acetal

Celulosis Acetate

Cellulosis Butyrate

Cellulosis Propionate


ECTFE Regrind


PTFE Scrap

PTFE Regrind

PTFE Repro

PVDF Scrap

PVDF Regrind

PVDF Repro

Other FluoroPolymers

PEAK Scrap

PEAK Regrind

PEAK Repro

PEEK Scrap

PEEK Regrind

PEEK Repro

Polyether IMIDE



Polyphenylene Sulfide


Liquid Crystal Polymers

SAN Colored Scrap

SAN Colored Regrind

SAN Colored Repro

SAN Clear Scrap

SAN Clear Regrind

SAN Clear Repro

Other SAN

SMA Colored Scrap

SMA Colord Scrap

SMA Colored Regrind

SMA Colord Regrind

SMA Colored Repro

SMA Colord Repro

SMA Clear Scrap

SMA Clear Regrind

SMA Clear Repro


SMAFR Regrind


Other SMA

TPO Scrap TPE Olifin Scrap

TPO Regrind TPE Olifin Regrind

TPO Repro TPE Olifin Repro

TPE Polyester Scrap

TPE Polyester Regrind

TPE Polyester Repro

TPE Styrene Scrap

TPE Styrene Regrind

TPE Styrene Repro

Other TPE


Scrap Ink Jet Cartridges

A remanufactured cartridge is an OEM cartridge that has been used and that is recycled and refilled with ink

Scrap Laser Toner Cartridges

Scrap Laser Toner Cartridges include waste or damaged cartridges for destruction and scrap recycling

Poly Escrap Loose

Poly E-Scrap Loose is loose mixed plastic scrap free of metal (including screws) and other foreign materials, sorted from dismantled or destructed electronics.

Poly Escrap Baled

Poly E-scrap Baled is baled mixed plastic scrap free of metal (including screws) and other foreign materials, sorted from dismantled or destructed electronics

Poly Escrap Mixed Regrind

Mixed Sortable Plastic Scrap

Mixed Unsortable Plastic Scrap

Mixed Plastic Regrinds

Mixed Plastics and ThermoPlastics Scrap

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