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Scrap Plastic Recycling

Polyester Recycling

Polyester Staple Fiber Scrap (PSF)

Polyester Staple Fiber scrap.

Polyester Yarn Scrap

POY (Partially Oriented Yarn)

SOY(Spin Drawn Yarn)

Polyester Tyre Cord Scrap

Polyester TOW

Woven Polyester Scrap

Woven Blends/Polyester Scrap Fabric

Cotton / Polyester Clips

Mixed Recovered Fiber (Polyester/Blends)

Recovered Polyester Fiber (Mixed Denier)

Siliconized Regenerated Fiber

Siliconised Regenerated Fiber

Non Siliconised Regenerated Fiber

PETG Polyester Colored Scrap

PETG Polyester Colored Regrind

PETG Polyester Colored Repro

PETG Polyester Clear Scrap

PETG Polyester Clear Regrind

PETG Polyester Clear Repro

PET FR Polyester Scrap

PET FR Polyester Regrind

PET FR Polyester Repro

PBT Polyester Colored Scrap

PBT Polyester Colored Regrind

PBT Polyester Colored Repro

PBT Polyester Clear Scrap

PBT Polyester Clear Regrind

PBT Polyester Clear Repro

PBT FR Polyester Scrap

PBT FR Polyester Regrind

PBT FR Polyester Repro

PCT Polyester Colored Scrap

PCT Polyester Colored Regrind

PCT Polyester Colored Repro

PCT Polyester Clear Scrap

PCT Polyester Clear Regrind

PCT Polyester Clear Repro

PCTA Polyester Colored Scrap

PCTA Polyester Colored Regrind

PCTA Polyester Colored Repro

PCTA Polyester Clear Scrap

PCTA Polyester Clear Regrind

PCTA Polyester Clear Repro

PCTG Polyester Colored Scrap

PCTG Polyester Colored Regrind

PCTG Polyester Colored Repro

PCTG Polyester Clear Scrap

PCTG Polyester Clear Regrind

PCTG Polyester Clear Repro

PLA Polylactic Acid

Biodegradable thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch, tapioca roots, chips or starch, or sugarcane.

Polyester Scrap

Other Polyester Scrap shall consist of all other assorted polyester materials not included in the listed grades.

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